About Us

This is a non-profit oriented organization established under the legal ordinance
laws of the united republic of Tanzania aimed at rescuing the needy and hopeless children to come out of sufferings through providing them with education and supporting their dreams, ambitions and visions so as to meet their careers that were previously died due to parent`s deaths, harsh environments and other calamites. KINDNESS CHILDREN CARE Members are kindly welcoming you to join and support the movement.

Orphans, street children, disable and needy children are of great value in any responsible nation for they can bring great and positive impacts only if are effectively empowered.
We have not to isolate this generation let us show our concern and God will bless our lives and our coming generations. We are warmly welcoming all volunteers and all
people allover the world who wants to donate and share their moments together with Tanzanian needy children.

Kindness children care under the board of Directors has very beneficial and constructive visions and missions towards Tanzanian needy and hopeless children who are living miserable lives in streets and in homes.