Kindness Project



My calling to help the orphans, street, and poor children was starting the time I was a pastor in many parishes, I tried to find some funds from my little salaries. I remember that time I donated in varies ways as followers: I educated some kids, I feed them, and i was teaching  them how to work hard the time they will grow ,it means I was buying clothes, books,pen,pencils and some school fees. Again because I was a pastor I taught them in spiritually way how to respect people OR God I faithful way. So it means am not working because am gaining profits from this project unless am here to help the hopeless children in my real faithful way without cheat any children.

God is one you helped me how to think and how to gate the goals to help the children, it was hard time how to start this project because I saw many projects were dying reasons  poor administration in church of parishes,Transfer of minister to otter churches, laugh expenditures all these causing the project dying.

One day I told my wife Christina and my children Fadhili, Duncan and Kathleen that I want to start our project the out of Church which will help the children in the true and open way, so I decided to share some ideas with   believers and my wife how to help the children, then we decided to find the way how to get registration in our Government of Tanzania on 24th Nov 2012 though the project started 2009.

Real I started in hard life and my children stopped with their schools because all money I depend to get registration fees no one helped me in Arusha to raise money. One day I decided to go to Dar es salaam without any Bus fare, I went to conductor of Bus and ask lift, when I arrived at stage of Dar es salaam I decided to sleep at stage for five month with street children because I haven’t the money to rent Guest house, One day I decided to find the President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete and his wife’s phone. I sent short message for both phone numbers; shortly he answered me to see him in state house. He prepared lunch for me then he called me for conversations and I gave him my constitution, concept paper and he promised me to support my project but because that he not gave me anything I went at stage again to sleep. Other day I found the phone for Prime Minister’s wife Tunu , I phoned her and she welcomed me at his house and gave me 500$ that day not forgot because that money she donated me to get registration and start this project of KINDNESS CHILDREN CARE.

For that long ways real am very careful how to lead this project, reasons I did scarifies together with my family to miss food, clothes, shelter and education. Please Brother and sister we humble request you to visit the orphanage and to come to donate and volunteer, Real we are very happy because the project is growing faster and faster every day. Now we have 36 Children and all of them are at schools. We have kinds at Baby class, Primary schools, Secondary school and Form five. Please you are most welcome at Kindness Children Care Orphanage in ARUSHA, Tanzania.

By Reverend Yohana Y. Mwampamba

Founder and Director