Adrian and Maria, from Spain, visited us on June 8th to know more about our Organization and our Mission. They had a good day with us and they had the opportunity to talk and play with the children, even to eat African food. In addition to the time they dedicated to us, we want to […]


Today January 31st 2019 we’ve received to Beril Kurucayirli and Elif Haydar, from England. They’ve had the opportunity to meet the children and the organization, and we’re delighted to receive people like them, who are not only interested in our mission but also collaborate with generous donations (here the proof of it). These amazing visitors […]


Naaz Hotel in Arusha, who is usually donating food for our children and paying sometimes the house rent, donated food for dinner yesterday for our children. For real our children feel happy with these support, they feel have parents because of people who show love and care. Those who are donating are taking blessing from […]

Donate to our child

As mentioned earlier our organization is completely reliant on donations. Therefore any donations of any size will be received with the outmost gratitude. To ensure that the organization is as transparent as possible with the least amount of cash at hand, we request that donations for items such as food, clothes and stationary will be […]